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What we offer Research Consultation

We undertake white label research services for challenging industrial problems across all domains.

Artificial Intelligence

Design and production of Intelligent machinery that learn and adapt to the individual needs and social behaviors.

Natural Language Processing

Human-machine interaction, digitization of contracts, personalized digital assistants, voice search and document preservation.

Computer Vision

Object detection, pose estimation, human face recognition, scene identification, video indexing and search, license plate recognition.


Digital-first Smart contracts that replace paper trials with distributed ledgers that are Byzantine fault tolerant and de-centralized.


Industrial Drone design for agricultural automation, oil pipeline monitoring, 3D surface mapping reconstruction, and social safety.

Process Automation

Industrial automation bots that perform monitoring and maintenance activities, UI automation, and dynamic workflows.

What we offer OEM Licensing

We create successful, innovative research products from the initial concept through full product launch.

Cenacle FICT Blockchain
Cenacle. Coming Soon
Cenacle Scholemy Platform
Cenacle. 2016.
Cenacle. 2009.
Cenacle. 2009.

What we offer SaaS Platform

We help companies and startups from all over the world materialize their ideas into great products with our API.

Estimate the component failure rate in real-time from the operating conditions. Analyze the asset usage, reliability trends and optimal inspection routines using our API.

Customer order prediction, churn prediction, item-wise order estimation, influence of weather on the sales etc. are some of the features of our intelligent restaurant analytics system.

Gather data in real-time from static and moving assets. Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Machine-to-Machine communications in real-time for coordinated problem solving.

What we offer Developer Cloud

From architectural designs to fully managed cloud operations in matter of hours.

Managed DevOps
CI CD Pipelines
Programmable DNS
Automated SSL Certificates
Monitoring & Metrics
Managed Databases
Workflow Engines
Job Queues
Lambda Functions
Webhook Listeners
Programmable EMail Server
Dynamic Scheduling

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